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Are you unhappy with photo booths and onsite printing at your social events?

Chapters Photography can help

Social photography at your events is fun again

Photographer will Engage your guests

Our photography team will engage your guests to create spontaneous and fun images during your event.

Tap subject’s face

After images are created, your guest will tap their face to identify themselves. This will allow our specialty software to recognize every photo that this guest is in throughout the event.

Photographer or Subject enters contact data

Each person will enter their cell phone number and / or email so they can receive the images created through out the event.

Link sent to personal gallery of images

Link sent to guest’s cell phone or email with a link to their personal gallery of images. Images are automatically added to the gallery throughout the event.

Participants can immediately share, download & purchase prints.

Broad range of products offered to commemorate the event with your custom logo and event branding.

There are so many reasons to choose Chapters Photography as your Social Event photographer.

Great way to add excitement at your events

Great way to add excitement at your events

Unique facial recognition software captures all images each guest appears in and sends it to their individual gallery for viewing

Images can be downloaded at the event and quickly shared on social media

Broad range of products

All images are branded with event graphics or company logo

Organization doesn’t have to distribute anything

Host buy plans or Guest buy plans avaiable

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