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School Auction Idea

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Chapters Photography knows that fundraising is an important aspect of your school’s budget.

If you have a goal, we’d love to help you achieve it.

Chapters Photography offers  a unique auction item for your school.


Because children’s art projects typically bring in top dollar at the auction, I designed this item to combine children’s artistic talent and photography.  It’s a great way to mark the kind of art work a child is creating at any given age.  And, parents love it.

This can be a wonderful highlight to an auction because it can be an affordable piece for all parents purchase.  A class art project can be a nice live auction item, but only one family can take it home.

Some schools have chosen to use this concept as a ‘Raise Your Paddle’ fundraiser, or as a gift to … Read More »

My daughter, A portrait of a 13 year old

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I wanted to create a portrait of Libby, my daughter. She just turned 13 in April. Well as any parent of a teen knows, They have a will of their own. Libby wanted her animals with her, Karin my wife wanted her hair up, and I wanted just herself, no animals. I told Libby “ sometimes a parent just wanted their kido in the picture alone”. Well, it took three months but I won ☺




“I’ll only do the pictures if I can have my cats or rabbits in it with me.”









Libby’s eyes. I have always loved Libby’s eyes. Libby is trying to master “the glare”, as any 13-year-old should. I just laugh inside when I see it. And after a minute she bursts into a laugh. Classic.  Someday she will stare down a wild horse with that glare of … Read More »