Rob Resing began his photographic path at the age of eight with an instamatic camera and an artistic interest in doorknobs. He went to the World’s Fair and returned with only one image of his family. The rest were studies of metal formations, dirt and people’s shoes. Presently, Rob continues to refine his artistic and photographic skill. He has studied and trained under five of the world’s leading photographers: Gigi Clark, Bambie Cantrell, Tim Kelly, Jeremy Sutton and Helen Yancey. Award winner. Most recently, Rob was awarded honors for Photographic Excellence in Portraiture by the Seattle Professional Photographers Association.

In 2012, Rob was awarded Photographer of the year.

Karin & Rob when they were on their honeymoon in Cannon Beach

Karin & Rob when they were on their honeymoon in Cannon Beach

     The perfect portrait  is a glimpse of one’s true self, captured in a single, unsuspecting moment. Each person to linger in front of our camera will have moments of true self. It is what we wait patiently to see revealed, and then it is captured . . . in the blink of an eye.

Rob sitting with his daughter

      It may be a child’s belly laugh, a sweet, knowing glance shared between a couple or the relaxed expression that only a torn pair of old jeans can bring out. These moments are fleeting and ever evolving. A string of these moments over time becomes a historical record of your family, your friends… your life.